What is my phone/ tablet battery capacity?

Apple Blackberry Sony
iPhone 5 1420(mAh) Z10 1800(mAh) Xperia L 1750(mAh)
iPhone 4s 1420(mAh) Bold 9900 1230(mAh) Xperia Sp 2370(mAh)
iPhone 4 1420(mAh) Bold 9930 1230(mAh) Xperia Z 2330(mAh)
iPhone 3Gs 1119(mAh) Bold 9700 1500(mAh) Xperia ZL 2370(mAh)
iPhone 3G 1150(mAh) Bold 9000 1500(mAh) Xperia E 1530(mAh)
New iPad 11560(mAh) Curve 9300 1150(mAh) Xperia E dual 1530(mAh)
iPad 2 6944(mAh) Torch 9630 1400(mAh) Xperia V 1750(mAh)
iPad Mini 4490(mAh) Storm 9530 1400(mAh) Xperia J 1750(mAh)
iPad Touch 4 930(mAh) Storm 9500 1400(mAh) Xperia TX 1750(mAh)
iPod Touch 3 789(mAh) Curve 9300 1150(mAh) Xperia miro 1500(mAh)
iPod Touch 2 789(mAh) Curve 8900 1400(mAh) Xperia go 1205(mAh)


Samsung HTC Nokia
Galaxy Note 2 3100(mAh) One 2300(mAh) Lumia 900 1830(mAh)
Galaxy Note 2500(mAh) One X 1800(mAh) Lumia 800 1450(mAh)
Galaxy Mega 6.3 3200(mAh) Titan 2 1730(mAh) N9 1450(mAh)
Galaxy Grand 2100(mAh) One S 1650(mAh) N950 1320(mAh)
Galaxy S4 3150(mAh) Desire V 1650(mAh) Lumia 710 1300(mAh)
Galaxy S3 Mini 1500(mAh) Rezound 1620(mAh) Lumia 610 1300(mAh)
Galaxy S3 2100(mAh) Vivid 1620(mAh) X7 1300(mAh)
Galaxy S2 1650(mAh) Rhyme 1600(mAh) C7 1200(mAh)
Galaxy S 4G 1650(mAh) Titan 1600(mAh) E7 1200(mAh)
Galaxy R 1650(mAh) Sensation 4G 1520(mAh) Oro 1200(mAh)
Galaxy W 1650(mAh) Radar 1520(mAh) Asha 1110(mAh)
Omnia 1500(mAh) One V 1500(mAh) C5-06 1000(mAh)
Galaxy Ace 1350(mAh) 7 Pro 1500(mAh) 5250 1000(mAh)
Galaxy Y 1200(mAh) Trophy 1300(mAh)

Galaxy Tab 2(10.1) 7000(mAh) Desire C 1230(mAh)

Galaxy Tab 10.1v 6860(mAh) Explorer 1230(mAh)

Galaxy 8.9 6000(mAh)

Galaxy7.0 4000(mAh)

Galaxy Wi-fi 4000(mAh)

: All above information serves only as reference and might not be the exact specification. We are not responsible for errors or discrepancies. For exact specification, please check with the respective Smartphone, tablets, battery, power bank company. All brands and product names listed herein are trademarks or registered trademarks owned by their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged and recognized as such.


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